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This is the kind of coffee you need to know

This is the kind of coffee you need to know
Assorted Coffee – coffee is one of the commodities that exist in the world and has cultivated more than 50 countries. No other coffee is a dish produced from coffee beans that have been crushed and then smoothed into powder. A glimpse of the history of coffee, noted that coffee was discovered by the Ethiopians in the African continent.

Then the coffee continues to evolve until its current popular drink. Not many know that the efficacy of coffee is able to lower the risk of diabetes, cancer, gallstones, and various heart diseases.

Serving coffee in a warm or cold state will never change its taste. For coffee enthusiasts, will not be missed every day in brewing coffee.  In the offices are always available coffee if the employees are sleepy, can brew coffee during it works.

Although many argue that the effects given in consuming coffee is not good, but does not reduce the number of coffee enthusiasts in the world. Behind negative effects, coffee provides several benefits including preventing depression, increasing metabolism, sharpen memory.

Coffee that was originally only in the form of beans then processed into black coffee with a bitter taste, apparently now a lot of processed coffee that you can enjoy and a lot of macamnya. For those of you who are still confused not even know with various kinds of coffee, you can see the following reviews.

1. Khotok Coffee

Ever heard of this coffee? Yes, coffee with a traditional presentation is made with a collision of beans brewed with sugar and water in a place such as a kettle or pottery. The flavor produced is so sticky and has a unique characteristic and favours. This coffee is found in coffee shops which certainly provide traditional coffee. Because many coffee shops that only serve modern coffee.

2. Robusta Coffee

This coffee is a lot of produced and easily cultivated because the type of soil is strong and resistant to disease and also pests. The resulting flavor is so strong and caffeine contained in it more than one of the other coffee beans is arabica. The imaging was Biaanya made as a coffee tubruk.

That's some kind of coffee you need to know, and which of your favorite coffee is sob? There are many kinds of coffee that have been mentioned above, this time Mami give some very important reference especially for the nomads or the prospective new students. If you are in the overseas of course the place to stay is the most important and main choice. Well one of them is kost. Boarding Info is very important lho for new students. If you have found a comfortable kost, make a nongkorng and a coffee party with Temen Gak will be interrupted again.

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