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Flu and cough? Overcome with one teaspoon of honey

Flu and cough? Overcome with one teaspoon of honey
This windy weather makes the body easily attacked by flu and cough. Honey consumption is believed to help overcome the flu and cough without having to consume medication.

The rainy season can carry various infections that can bring flu-causing viruses and coughs. Our bodies can fight bacteria only to some extent, which is why doctors advise not to consume junk food and cold foods. Sparkling drinks and ice creams are not recommended when the weather is like this.

When the cold air should choose a warm food with optimal nutritional content and the antibody that is in healthy foods can prevent the body infected with infection. One of the recommended food is honey. A tablespoon of honey called can boost the immune system.

Quoted in NDTV (25/12), honey contains many important vitamins and antioxidants. It is enriched with vitamins C, D, E, K and B complexes as well as beta carotene. Often dubbed as a natural antibiotic, honey has the benefit to redbe coughs.

According to ' Healing Foods ' by DK Publishing House, Honey is a very good cough Pereda and can also help children have a good sleep pattern. "The best type of honey that can be overcome by cough is buckwheat, eucalyptus, citrus or labiatae. The anti-microbial properties derived from Manuka honey are the best choices when you or your children are infected with the flu.

While a 2012 study was published by the Pediatrics Journal, enough two teaspoons of honey to redbe coughs. In addition, you can also mix Manuka honey with warm water if you don't want to be too sweet.

Manuka Honey is manufactured in Australia and New Zealand from the Manuka tree nectar. Dietician from Delhi, Anshul Jaibharat started the day with a warm herb that contains a spoon of honey and lemon juice (from half a lemon) and a cup of warm water is an effective immune enhancer and detoxification drink.

Do not heal cough? Overcome with this natural food!

Cough accompanied by itching in the throat must be annoying. In addition to swallowing cough medicines, try eating natural foods. The nutritional content of nutritious dampen cough naturally. Tasty and with no side effects!

Many natural ingredients and herbs can be stone drugs. As some materials are recommended this reader's Digest site.
This spice is believed by the German community as a cough medicine. Thyme can also be used to cure respiratory infections, bronchitis, and infectious whooping cough. The content of flavonoids in thyme relaxes the trachea and ileal muscles that play a role in cough diseases. Mix two teaspoons of the leaves that have been pounded with boiling boiled water, then strain.
This natural recipe also comes from two regions, England and China. Black pepper Plus this honey is the right combination to grind the slime. While honey is a natural remedy and a mild antibiotic. To make the tea, a teaspoon of black pepper and two tablespoons of honey mixed in a cup. Pour boiling water and let it be warm.

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