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Love coffee? These 7 types of coffee to know, shope coffee

Love coffee? These 7 types of coffee to know

Coffee shops or coffee shop became one of the fastest growing trends in Indonesia over the past few years. No longer rigid or carry such a classic impression, most coffee shop today is precisely present in the modern concept is more contemporary and far from the word boring. Could be, you are one of the thousands of young people who hobby to hang out and spend time in coffee shop.

For those of you who like to hang out and enjoy a cup of hot or cold coffee in the coffee shop, make sure it is well understood the terms about the various kinds of coffee that usually served every coffee shop.

It will certainly make you more familiar and want to taste these kinds of caffeinated drinks. Check out some of the terms about coffee that you must understand and you will often meet in the following coffee shop:

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1. Espresso
This one coffee drink is always present in a mini-sized cup that is commonly called espresso shot, because it is so bitter and "heavy". Espresso is a coffee bean extract that is processed using a special machine, so that the quintessence coffee is separated with the pulp itself.

As soon as the process is experienced, espresso is usually served in a small cup to be immediately enjoyed. Pure coffee that does not use this mixture will usually be used as a base material for other types of coffee that uses additional cream or milk.

2. Americano
This one coffee beverage is the most basic processed espresso. Americano is made using a single shot of espresso mixed with hot water only, resulting in a cup of coffee that is more "light" and the taste is not too bitter like espresso. This Americano can be the right choice, for those of you who love coffee without other additives, but also do not want a coffee that is too bitter.

3. Latte
The taste is creamy and has an attractive appearance when served, making coffee this one is one of the most liked. Latte is a coffee made with a mixture of espresso and milk, where the drink has more milk than coffee.

It is, obviously a latte will have a taste and aroma of coffee that is not so dominant. This one drink is also often present in a display that is usually decorated with a latte art, namely the creativity of the barista in drawing on the surface of the coffee like love pictures, trees, flowers, abstract and so on.

4. The Macchiato
If the latte has a small amount of espresso, then this type of beverage is present in a more espresso dose. To produce a delicious cup of macchiato, the composition of coffee and milk is required with a comparison of 4:1.

There are two types of macchiato that can be used as an option, namely Latte macchiato and espresso macchiato. The difference is that the latte macchiato is a cup of coffee made with a little espresso into a glass of milk, while the espresso macchiato is precisely produced with a glass of espresso that is added a little milk.

5. Piccolo
Piccolo is a type of latte served with ristretto, where the coffee has an excellent espresso extraction process, resulting in a delicious coffee. This type of coffee only has low acid levels and gives a balanced sensation of bitter and sweet taste.

6. Cold Brew
This unique coffee is brewed without using hot water. Cold brew only undergo cold water brewing process with room temperature for several hours, resulting in coffee with a distinctive aroma and taste sensation.

7. Affogato
This unique coffee drink, would be an option for you who like the sensation of unusual taste in a cup of coffee. Affogato is a cup of coffee made by adding a spoon of vanilla ice cream delights.

Get to know deeper coffee
For you who like to hangout in coffee shop, knowing different types of coffee need to know. This will make it easier for you to choose coffee that suits your tastes, so you can spend some time there with a delicious cup of coffee.

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