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Flu and cough? Overcome with one teaspoon of honey

Flu and cough? Overcome with one teaspoon of honey
This windy weather makes the body easily attacked by flu and cough. Honey consumption is believed to help overcome the flu and cough without having to consume medication.

The rainy season can carry various infections that can bring flu-causing viruses and coughs. Our bodies can fight bacteria only to some extent, which is why doctors advise not to consume junk food and cold foods. Sparkling drinks and ice creams are not recommended when the weather is like this.

When the cold air should choose a warm food with optimal nutritional content and the antibody that is in healthy foods can prevent the body infected with infection. One of the recommended food is honey. A tablespoon of honey called can boost the immune system.

Quoted in NDTV (25/12), honey contains many important vitamins and antioxidants. It is enriched with vitamins C, D, E, K and B complexes as well as beta carotene. Often dubbed as a natural antibiotic, honey has the benefit to redbe coughs.

According to ' Healing Foods ' by DK Publishing House, Honey is a very good cough Pereda and can also help children have a good sleep pattern. "The best type of honey that can be overcome by cough is buckwheat, eucalyptus, citrus or labiatae. The anti-microbial properties derived from Manuka honey are the best choices when you or your children are infected with the flu.

While a 2012 study was published by the Pediatrics Journal, enough two teaspoons of honey to redbe coughs. In addition, you can also mix Manuka honey with warm water if you don't want to be too sweet.

Manuka Honey is manufactured in Australia and New Zealand from the Manuka tree nectar. Dietician from Delhi, Anshul Jaibharat started the day with a warm herb that contains a spoon of honey and lemon juice (from half a lemon) and a cup of warm water is an effective immune enhancer and detoxification drink.

Do not heal cough? Overcome with this natural food!

Cough accompanied by itching in the throat must be annoying. In addition to swallowing cough medicines, try eating natural foods. The nutritional content of nutritious dampen cough naturally. Tasty and with no side effects!

Many natural ingredients and herbs can be stone drugs. As some materials are recommended this reader's Digest site.
This spice is believed by the German community as a cough medicine. Thyme can also be used to cure respiratory infections, bronchitis, and infectious whooping cough. The content of flavonoids in thyme relaxes the trachea and ileal muscles that play a role in cough diseases. Mix two teaspoons of the leaves that have been pounded with boiling boiled water, then strain.
This natural recipe also comes from two regions, England and China. Black pepper Plus this honey is the right combination to grind the slime. While honey is a natural remedy and a mild antibiotic. To make the tea, a teaspoon of black pepper and two tablespoons of honey mixed in a cup. Pour boiling water and let it be warm.

To avoid pain, consume 5 healthy food this yes!

To avoid pain, consume 5 healthy food this yes!
Jakarta-nutrients contained in foods can maintain the stamina of the body. In the season of flu pain and dengue fever, this food can protect the body.

The changing weather makes the body easily infected with flu and bloody Fever (DBD). One way to avoid this is by enhancing the immune system. It can be obtained from natural groceries. It not only prevents pain but also makes the body more fit.

1. Colored Foods
The ingredients of red, orange, and yellow are rich in vitamin C. Red peppers and green peppers are rich in vitamin C. Both are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients. Vitamin C itself potent enhances the immune system.

Citrus fruits, tomatoes, strawberries, kiwi, Brussels cabbage and cauliflower are included in the vitamin C source material.

2. Foods high in omega 3 fatty acids
Omega-3 fatty acids that can be found in fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel and also flax oil are known to boost the immune system by adding a substance called phagocytes.

Phagocytes are white blood cells that feed on bacteria and protect the body from damage that occurs because the body reacts excessively on infections. A study revealed that children who consume half a teaspoon of flaxseed oil rarely experience fever and other respiratory infections.

3. Guava Juice
Guava juice is one of the foods that is known to boost the immune system. The Content of vitamins and minerals that are in guava juice can help dengue fever patients increase their immunity and meet the needs of fluids.

Guava also contains a flavonoids antioxidant called quersentin. Quersetin is useful as an antiinflammatory, antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic (substances that cause cancer).

4. Garlic
Some studies conducted by garlic have shown that garlic or Allicin compounds are very effective in killing microorganisms responsible for some of the most common and rare infections. Includes flu. Garlic can actually help prevent colds and other infections.

5. Foods High in Zinc
Foods that contain zinc such as chickens, oysters, and nuts, to wheat, can reduce the risk of infection, heal wounds, and help with the development of white blood cells.

You can cultivate chicken by way of baking so one of the best ways. Can also cultivate chicken with mixed vegetable into a warm soup.

This is the kind of coffee you need to know

This is the kind of coffee you need to know
Assorted Coffee – coffee is one of the commodities that exist in the world and has cultivated more than 50 countries. No other coffee is a dish produced from coffee beans that have been crushed and then smoothed into powder. A glimpse of the history of coffee, noted that coffee was discovered by the Ethiopians in the African continent.

Then the coffee continues to evolve until its current popular drink. Not many know that the efficacy of coffee is able to lower the risk of diabetes, cancer, gallstones, and various heart diseases.

Serving coffee in a warm or cold state will never change its taste. For coffee enthusiasts, will not be missed every day in brewing coffee.  In the offices are always available coffee if the employees are sleepy, can brew coffee during it works.

Although many argue that the effects given in consuming coffee is not good, but does not reduce the number of coffee enthusiasts in the world. Behind negative effects, coffee provides several benefits including preventing depression, increasing metabolism, sharpen memory.

Coffee that was originally only in the form of beans then processed into black coffee with a bitter taste, apparently now a lot of processed coffee that you can enjoy and a lot of macamnya. For those of you who are still confused not even know with various kinds of coffee, you can see the following reviews.

1. Khotok Coffee

Ever heard of this coffee? Yes, coffee with a traditional presentation is made with a collision of beans brewed with sugar and water in a place such as a kettle or pottery. The flavor produced is so sticky and has a unique characteristic and favours. This coffee is found in coffee shops which certainly provide traditional coffee. Because many coffee shops that only serve modern coffee.

2. Robusta Coffee

This coffee is a lot of produced and easily cultivated because the type of soil is strong and resistant to disease and also pests. The resulting flavor is so strong and caffeine contained in it more than one of the other coffee beans is arabica. The imaging was Biaanya made as a coffee tubruk.

That's some kind of coffee you need to know, and which of your favorite coffee is sob? There are many kinds of coffee that have been mentioned above, this time Mami give some very important reference especially for the nomads or the prospective new students. If you are in the overseas of course the place to stay is the most important and main choice. Well one of them is kost. Boarding Info is very important lho for new students. If you have found a comfortable kost, make a nongkorng and a coffee party with Temen Gak will be interrupted again.

Love coffee? These 7 types of coffee to know, shope coffee

Love coffee? These 7 types of coffee to know

Coffee shops or coffee shop became one of the fastest growing trends in Indonesia over the past few years. No longer rigid or carry such a classic impression, most coffee shop today is precisely present in the modern concept is more contemporary and far from the word boring. Could be, you are one of the thousands of young people who hobby to hang out and spend time in coffee shop.

For those of you who like to hang out and enjoy a cup of hot or cold coffee in the coffee shop, make sure it is well understood the terms about the various kinds of coffee that usually served every coffee shop.

It will certainly make you more familiar and want to taste these kinds of caffeinated drinks. Check out some of the terms about coffee that you must understand and you will often meet in the following coffee shop:

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1. Espresso
This one coffee drink is always present in a mini-sized cup that is commonly called espresso shot, because it is so bitter and "heavy". Espresso is a coffee bean extract that is processed using a special machine, so that the quintessence coffee is separated with the pulp itself.

As soon as the process is experienced, espresso is usually served in a small cup to be immediately enjoyed. Pure coffee that does not use this mixture will usually be used as a base material for other types of coffee that uses additional cream or milk.

2. Americano
This one coffee beverage is the most basic processed espresso. Americano is made using a single shot of espresso mixed with hot water only, resulting in a cup of coffee that is more "light" and the taste is not too bitter like espresso. This Americano can be the right choice, for those of you who love coffee without other additives, but also do not want a coffee that is too bitter.

3. Latte
The taste is creamy and has an attractive appearance when served, making coffee this one is one of the most liked. Latte is a coffee made with a mixture of espresso and milk, where the drink has more milk than coffee.

It is, obviously a latte will have a taste and aroma of coffee that is not so dominant. This one drink is also often present in a display that is usually decorated with a latte art, namely the creativity of the barista in drawing on the surface of the coffee like love pictures, trees, flowers, abstract and so on.

4. The Macchiato
If the latte has a small amount of espresso, then this type of beverage is present in a more espresso dose. To produce a delicious cup of macchiato, the composition of coffee and milk is required with a comparison of 4:1.

There are two types of macchiato that can be used as an option, namely Latte macchiato and espresso macchiato. The difference is that the latte macchiato is a cup of coffee made with a little espresso into a glass of milk, while the espresso macchiato is precisely produced with a glass of espresso that is added a little milk.

5. Piccolo
Piccolo is a type of latte served with ristretto, where the coffee has an excellent espresso extraction process, resulting in a delicious coffee. This type of coffee only has low acid levels and gives a balanced sensation of bitter and sweet taste.

6. Cold Brew
This unique coffee is brewed without using hot water. Cold brew only undergo cold water brewing process with room temperature for several hours, resulting in coffee with a distinctive aroma and taste sensation.

7. Affogato
This unique coffee drink, would be an option for you who like the sensation of unusual taste in a cup of coffee. Affogato is a cup of coffee made by adding a spoon of vanilla ice cream delights.

Get to know deeper coffee
For you who like to hangout in coffee shop, knowing different types of coffee need to know. This will make it easier for you to choose coffee that suits your tastes, so you can spend some time there with a delicious cup of coffee.

Coffee and 8 fat burner food to lose weight

Some people have a rapid metabolism, so the body is not easily obese despite eating a variety of food. The metabolic rate or speed of our body burns calories to produce energy is indeed a genetic inheritance. Nevertheless, we can also make efforts to accelerate the metabolic process. One of them is eating fat burner food.

Those with slow metabolism, the body will not burn fat quickly. As a result, fat tends to accumulate and body so fat.  A cloudy stomach is a sign of a declining blood sugar level condition. This condition is not good for metabolism.

At any time we pass a meal until the stomach is keroncongan, blood sugar levels will drop. The body then secretes hormones that then trigger muscle burning instead of fat.

Reduced muscle mass leads to more slowing metabolism. That's why losing weight just by the way the diet often has failures. This is because reducing eating alone will trigger the body to burn muscles. Muscle mass can precisely continue to decrease, metabolism slows down, and fat is easier to accumulate.

To avoid Keroncongan stomach, people who are in a diet for weight loss are advised to change the meal schedule to five times a day with smaller portions. Also, don't forget to include fat burner food in each portion of your meal.

Fat burner food and drinks that could be an option
1. Fish
Salmon, haring, and mackerel are the types of fish that are the source of Omega 3 fatty acids. This fatty acid is beneficial in easing inflammation, lowering the risk of heart disease, and helps in eliminating body fat. Fish is also a good source of protein. Consuming protein will create a feeling of satiety longer while increasing metabolism when compared with the consumption of carbohydrates and fats.

2. Egg
Some studies conclude that the breakfast with egg menu is able to reduce hunger and increase feelings of satiety for longer in those who are overweight or suffer from obesity.

Eggs are one of the sources of protein that can increase the body's metabolism by about 20-35 percent and increase the body speed of burning calories for several hours after eating. Because of this, eggs are in a fat burner food list. Boiled eggs make an ideal choice for those who want to accelerate their metabolism.

3. Coffee
This popular drink contains caffeine that has the effect of enhancing mental and physical performance, as well as helping to burn fat. Based on some research, drinking coffee every day can help speed up the metabolism by 3 to 13 percent. In order not to experience the caffeine side effects of insomnia and restlessness, limit your coffee consumption by as much as four cups each day. You should also drink coffee without sugar or creamer.

4. Green Tea
In addition to containing a slight caffeine, green tea also offers antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). This antioxidant can improve fat burning, e.g. in belly fat.

5. Chili pepper
Good news for chili lovers, this food benefit is more than just giving a spicy flavor. In addition to helping in protecting the body's cells from damage, antioxidants and capsaicin in chili Peppers can also help the body to burn more calories and fats.

6. Oolong Tea
Although not as popular as green tea, oolong tea has similar health benefits. This goodness comes up thanks to the caffeine content and catechins in it. Various research has been said that the combination of catechins and caffeine in tea can increase the number of calories burned by the body to as much as 102 calories per day. No wonder if the tea is included as a fat burner drink.

7. Greek Yogurt
High fat products, such as Greek yogurt, do not seem fitting as a fat burner food. But yogurt is an excellent source of protein, potassium, and calcium. Consuming high-protein dairy products can help the body burn fat, build muscle mass, and keep the stomach full longer.

8. Coconut oil
Adding coconut oil to the food can lower triglycerides and help lose weight. But there are some research that finds that this metabolic-boosting effect will diminish in the long run.  Besides being used for cooking, coconut oil can also be consumed directly as much as one or two teaspoons per day.